Pasta Shell

Pasta is definitely one of those quick and easy dishes. it really does come together with very little prep and takes only a bit longer than it takes you to cook the pasta. the zucchini matches up well with the lemon and parmesan cream sauce. the brightness from the lemon helps the cream sauce to not feel to heavy and the parmesan - well who doesn't love a good cheese sauce. a good sprinkling of black pepper helps to give it a nice bite.

this pasta dish of Ina's is to die for. it is a creamy and cheesy adult style macaroni and cheese with the volume turned up. the combination of all the cheeses give it an incredible flavor - and whatever you do - DO NOT skip the smoked mozzarella.

This is a simple pasta recipe packed with loads of veggies including mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, bell peppers, and French beans. A versatile delicacy, it is spicy but you adjust the spice level to suit the palates of your little devils.