Penne pasta, drenched in a creamy white sauce and flavored with black pepper, is a simple, yet exotic pasta recipe! The peas make it a whole meal. Opt out of refined flour and choose corn flour or whole wheat flour to thicken the buttery sauce. Add a few roasted veggies, such as broccoli and thinly sliced carrots to pep up the nutritional value.
Penne pasta casserole is a medley of things that belong together. You can actually skip the baking part if you want, especially if you like your pasta el dente. But don’t! If you skip the baking then you’ll miss the crunchy toasted bread crumbs, and the crispy edges of the slightly over baked noodles that are on the edge of the pan. More importantly, when it’s baked. all of the flavors marinate and join forces to create an Italian symphony that will light up your mouth!